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Service Satisfaction

July 2022

 Our van ROLL·E - a 2021 Sequence 20L with the large ReLi package - got hiking boots (including an extra one), the 3" OHV lift with Sumo springs in the rear and the ride control kit this week. Now he loves driving over bumps and gravel with ease. Sebastian Bularz from Seattle RV Adventures did an amazing job. We'd like to give him a 100 star rating if this is possible. The whole process from contacting him to the final install was flawless and super quick. Besides what we paid for he also fixed other problems with our van which could have got us stranded in the future. I wish everyone would take their job as seriously, forward looking and with passion like Sebastian. He is a rock star!

Andre S.

February 2022

My wife and I had been looking into a Class B for a long time. We finally found the one we liked and thought we had no chance at it but took our shot. Sebastian is amazing. He works on a first contact right of refusal basis which landed us our ride even though we were out of state. He was flexible on schedule for pick up and walked us through everything. He answers EVERY question you can think of when purchasing and continues to do so after you have left. He has helped us through everything from winterizing to getting title info set up.
I would highly recommend working with Seattle RV Adventures for any purchaser looking for an RV. It seems the most important part of the transaction for Sebastian is sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with his customers.

Jered H.

May 2022
Sebastian is awesome to work with! He ordered and installed our lift kit on our 2021 Winnebago Travato along with a spare tire mounted on the back of the van.His communication and wealth of knowledge with class B vans is exceptional. He takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows. Exceptional service I would highly recommend!!!!

Kerri H

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